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What My Patients Say

"While living in Europe for many years our doctor was Chinese who practiced both Western and Eastern medicine contingent on the issues she was addressing with us. We missed this type of care when we moved back to the USA.


Then we met Vishal, and once again experienced that extraordinary high level of care and attention that we wanted. Through Vishal we have begun to feel relief in a systemic way about the issues he has been helping my husband and me address using acupuncture, cupping, carefully prescribed and taken herbs, and long talks about what it means to care for oneself. For example, the power of a good night's sleep, and what foods we chose to eat and what the impact of some of the foods has for each of us, separately. Seems obvious, yet, in conjunction with Vishal's administrations this too has helped us very much to be more deliberate about our behavior and its effect on our bodies.


What an extraordinary health care practitioner we have found in Vishal! We cannot recommend him more highly."



"Vishal is amazing. I've gone to him for many years now for a wide variety of things from severe allergies (which are basicly gone now! Yea!) to stress managment. Whatever ails me, Vishal has always found an answer! I highly recommend Omshen Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine."


"Five months ago I began seeing Vishal for acupuncture treatment for treatment of the chronic leg pain that I had lived with for over 35 years. In the past I had tried a variety of medications without much luck. After a few treatments and with the combination of herbs I began to have pain of less intensity and much less frequency. In addition to the leg pain, I had foot pain and knee pain that I had lived with for 5 years. This pain is now completely gone! Currently, through the use of acupuncture I am now being helped to lessen the withdrawal side effects of the medications that I had tried, which I am slowly weaning off of. When I had some other pain issues, such as tennis elbow, stress or difficulty sleeping this would also be addressed and treated successfully. For over a month I have been pain free! Vishal is very attentive and professional. I highly recommend Vishal for acupuncture treatment. Three of my family members had treatment with Vishal, and saw progress after one treatment."

"I have had many treatments for various ailments with Vishal and I can say Vishal is a true healer and great practitioner in his field. I would highly recommend him for acupuncture, very relaxing and theraputic treatments also great herbal remedies that really work. He prescribed a natural remedy for high blood pressure and it was very effective in stabilizing my condition.

I have had much success with his treatments for chronic back problems also very good treatments for stress relief."


The Best
Carolyn S

"There are those practitioners you stumble across every so often who are truly exceptional. Vishal is a healer with an incredible gift. He has a keen sense for treating the body holistically through Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Acupressure, and Chinese medicine. After my first session, I felt renewed and slept better than I had slept in a month. Vishal is treating me for stress, digestive and premenstrual issues, as well as deeper emotional trauma. Energetic medicine really has merit and in some ways is more effective for me than any other type of medicine. I highly recommend a visit, he will became your favorite, long-term healer.

"Vishal came highly recommended by a friend of a friend of mine. I was seeking an excellent holistic healer after my current health provider came up with no diagnosis and no hope of curing my debilitating symptoms of muscle weakness and shortness of breath after many tests over the last 2 years. I came with an open heart. At Omshen, we did not start treatment until I had filled out a lengthy health background and had an honest face to face conversation. Vishal's sensitivity, compassion and extensive knowledge were apparent from the start. He put me at ease and gave me hope. I felt measurably better after the first treatment (which continues), the new diet and a recommendation for key supplements. He is an integral part of my life and well-being and I am very grateful to have him as a healer."

"I initially came to Vishal with some sciatica issues. After just a couple treatment I was happily amazed to find that my leg pain of two years had disappeared! It's been a year since that treatment and I am still pain free.  After living with digestion issues for years Vishal managed to heal that in just a few treatments - one result of which is that I have much more energy than I used to. He is an extremely gifted healer who cares about his patients. He has an excellent knowledge of acupuncture and chinese herbs and is a very easy going person to work with. I highly recommend Vishal for whatever health issues you may have."


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